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Our operating philosophy is simple.  Our website will succeed if it provides good information of local interest, user value and opportunities for user interaction.  The business of our website will succeed if it helps area businesses achieve success.  To satisfy both of these objectives, offers these services at no cost to area businesses - we encourage you to learn more about them and take advantage of the opportunities they provide.

FREE Listing - Any business with a Plymouth or Canton address can register to receive a FREE listing on the respective website of their choice. No strings attached - follow this link, select the FREE Listing option, submit the requested information and your listing will be posted in the category of your choice immediately, ready for search engines to find.

FREE Job Postings -  Looking to hire some of the great people that live, or want to work, in our great communities?  Go here, describe the position and the type of people you want to hire, and our site-users will find you.

FREE Space Available Postings - We think it is better for all of us if retail or office vacancies are filled with thriving businesses.  If you are a commercial real estate broker or agent with available commercial property, go here to learn more about submitting information for a posting.  If you have a business you want to start, relocate or expand into Canton or Plymouth, go to the Marketplace/B2B section of the site to find the location that will help your business grow.  When the number of postings grow, they will be categorized into their own section on the site.

At, we're pro-community, and pro-local business.  Take advantage of these opportunities to help the community prosper!

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COOL BIZ: Auto Graphics and More - Upper Level Graphics

COOL BIZ: Auto Graphics and More - Upper Level Graphics

You've seen their work around town - at the museum, at church, or even on the road. Learn more about a cool business in our community - Upper Level Graphics.

TOP 10 REASONS - Why Take Advantage of Our FREE LISTING?

Want more business for your business? Read our list. We'll get the obvious reasons out of the way first, but then you will get a few ideas you may not have thought of.
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Which statement most closely describes your current decision making process for sourcing services - either at home or on the job?
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I outsource according to my needs - which have not changed much
I am outsourcing more - Service providers do a better job, and save me time to focus on what I do best
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