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Need More Time?
“If I only had more time, I could….”  Have you asked yourself this question in the hopes that you would somehow find more time?  Is finding the time even more difficult when your home is also your office?  Every person has 24 hours in a day and is able to choose how they managed their time. 

As work at home professionals, we need to be proficient in the skill of “Time Management” if we want success.  But is it time “management” or time “mastery”?  Let’s begin by understanding the difference.

Management is managing the 24 hours; determining the best ways to “get things done” hoping to produce a return on your time investment.  Managing your time is the how.  “How do I manage my time to be productive?”

Mastery is mastering the 24 hours; gaining control to become efficient within those hours.  This is the what that needs to be achieved to have more time.  “What do I need to do to master my time?”

Both management and mastery is needed for your success in your professional and personal life.  Eliminating the time wasters and incorporating time wise principles can help you achieve a positive outcome.  Here are a few time wise principles to help with the “how” and “what” of your time:

Time Wise Principles
  1. Resist the temptation to respond to your “life-line” immediately.  Instead set up specific times to check and respond to voicemail and email. 
  2. Identify your “high” and “low” value tasks.  High value is tasks only you can accomplish.  Low value is tasks that could be delegated, automated, or deleted.
  3. Recognize your “Power-Hour” the time when you are most creative and productive.
  4. Coordinate tasks for specific days or times to complete and stick to your schedule!
  5. Establish “white space” in which you set aside time to work “on” your business instead of “in” your business.
Working from home may be one of the many “jobs” we have, applying these Time Wise principles will be the start to finding more time.   To your surprise extra time will be available to you to answer the question “if I had more time, I could …” and enjoy your response!  My challenge for you would be to select one item from above and begin to realize the value of your time.

Tamara Jaros is a non-staff "Home Based Business" contributor to .iTownOnline.  Tamara manages her own home-based virtual assistant business, Independently Yours, LLC and can be reached at 734-398-7461, or by email:

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