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What Do You Need? What Do You Offer? Are You Interested in Barter?

Barter is one of the earliest forms of trade - and something that makes sense when at least one of the parties in a potential transaction offered a service rather than actual goods in trade. Although estimates of the dollar impact of barter in our modern economy vary widely, it is safe estimate that it represents 100's of billions of dollars of our national economy. The primary advantage of barter is that it is "found" business. You are getting something you need in a transaction with someone who likely would not have purchased from you otherwise.  It's also a great way to build a referral base, cross-market services, and build goodwill among other businesses in the community.

At, we're strong advocates of the barter or goods and services. We have a list of services we'll provide in exchange for other services we need, and we would like to offer our website to facilitate barter exchanges between businesses in the community. Respond below if you are interested in learning more...

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If you are interested in learning more about barter opportunities with other Canton area business, please respond by stating your business name, a brief description of the service pour business provides, and what you are willing trade, in the form of a measurable and understood unit of your service (ex: cutting a lawn once a week) and its trade value (in previous example, $35/week). Also list the services you would like to be offered in trade. If you are interested in trading your services to either .iTownOnline or our principals in exchange for what we do, please let us know. We WILL get back to you. Thanks - and happy bartering!
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