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RETIRED POLL: Most Frequent Activity

RETIRED POLL: Most Frequent Activity

This retired poll on the site asked respondents how they spend their leisure time and money.
RETIRED POLL:  Are You A Cereal Mixer?

RETIRED POLL: Are You A Cereal Mixer?

Not all of our polls are serious - on this one, we needed to settle an internal argument on the percentage of the people that mix their cereals. Here's the results of a poll on the site.

What's Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish?

Everyone loves Thanksgiving dinner, but we know there's one dish in particular that you are already looking forward to.

COOL BIZ: Irie Caribbean Cuisine - A Taste of the Islands

You may not get a chance to go to the islands this year, but you can experience a taste of the islands, close to home in Canton!

Top 20 Albums of All Time!

Any list of Top 20 Music albums will start a debate. Let's determine our own list right here in Plymouth and Canton.

Past Articles

Community Poll:
Us "cereal-mixers" can't be alone. If you are not afraid of what this may divulge about your personality, please respond below!
I usually mix more than 1 cereal in the same bowl
I always mix different cereals
I occassionally mix, when one flavor is running out z
I never mix cereals - that's weird!
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