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Shopping Online This Holiday Season? Think Twice, and Support the Local Economy!

With anxious anticipation, retailers around the country are looking forward to this holiday shopping season.  It seems a given that with our economic uncertainty, businesses know that consumers will not be opening their wallets, or running up credit card balances, as much as in years past.  In this environment, before you spend online, or venture outside of the community for your Holiday shopping, please consider the businesses that provide jobs and fuel the local community, right here in the Canton and Plymouth communities.

Here's our suggestion list for alternatives to  online or out-of-community shopping:

  • Tempted by that ad where the spouse becomes hero by putting a Lexus with a ribbon on it in the driveway?  Buy a domestic car from a local dealer instead, and help your neighbor keep their job.
  • Sending out gift baskets?  Lots of local businesses put them together.  Other local businesses will pack and ship them too.
  • Give a manicure, spa or tanning salon gift certificate from a local establishment.
  • Plymouth Whalers tickets make an great present to the hockey fan in your life, and are an affordable, close-to-home night out the whole family can enjoy.
  • Our local movie theaters employ people in the community, and everybody likes a night out.  Movie gift cards are a great holiday present.
  • Winter means dirty cars.  Nothing says "I love you, but your car is grossing me out" better than a book of car wash gift certificates from a local car wash.
  • Got a foodie in your life?  How about a restaurant gift certificate, a boutique wine, or a specialty dessert from a local establishment?  There are movie and dinner packages too.
  • We've got lots of clothing stores employing local people in the Plymouth and Canton communities, and returns are easier here too.  No need to go to the mall.
  • Who doesn't have a sports nut to buy for?  We've got stores to cover that in the community too.
  • Stocking stuffers?  We've got department stores, variety stores, gift stores, pharmacies, dollar stores, book stores and more - right here in our communities.
  • Are you and a loved one going to exercise more next year?  How about a fitness club membership, or a new bike from a local shop?
  • Is the perfect gift for your special someone a cruise or vacation getaway?  Local travel agents need your business too.
  • Buying the family an HDTV this year? Buy it here, in our community.
  • iPods, new cell phones, digital cameras or the must have new toy?  We bet you can find them all right here.
  • Tired from all the shopping?  How about treating yourself to a day spa, a nice meal, a movie, or a live performance at a local theater or club?  Options abound in the Plymouth and Canton communities.
By now, you get the idea.  Sure, people all over the country are looking for business this year, but our area has been particularly hard hit, and many families around here are dependent on our local economy.  Before your dollars leave the community, think about how easy it would be - and even fun - to shop and spend locally this year, so the New Year can begin with a little more hope for people around here, your neighbors in Plymouth and Canton!

Happy Holidays!

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Shopping Local - Got ideas?

If you have ideas about how people in the community can do their shopping a little closer to home this year, let's have them - you'll be helping local businesses, and that helps the whole comunity.
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